Developing Advanced Chip-Scale Quantum Sensing

For Next-Generation Position, Navigation, And Timing Capabilities.

About Mesa Quantum

Mesa Quantum focuses on chip-scale quantum sensing.

We are at the forefront of Quantum 2.0. This is where the benefits of the quantum realm are directly exploited to improve our ability to sense and compute at precisions and strength inaccessible to us in classical or early quantum-employed devices.

Our team is focused on transitioning state-of-the-art laboratory research into practical, deployable solutions in the field. By focusing on miniaturization and scalable manufacturing processes, our quantum sensing devices offer operational advantages across various applications, including autonomous systems, infrastructure monitoring, underwater exploration, data centers, distributed computing, and military operations in GPS-denied environments.

An ultraviolet laser etching silicon through litography.
A silicon chip sits on top of a circuit board
A business man using a key to open a cage containing a computer chip

The Challenge

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, accurate position, navigation, and timing (PNT) solutions are crucial across various sectors. Traditional GPS/GNSS systems, while widely used, face limitations in environments such as deep-sea exploration, underground locations, and secure military operations where signal loss and interference are significant challenges. The demand for more reliable, precise, and integrable PNT solutions has never been higher.

Mesa Quantum's Solution

Innovative sensors for superior accuracy and reliability
A scientist using tweezers to inspect a semiconductor chip

Miniaturized Quantum Sensors

Compact sensors designed for high accuracy and easy integration.

Data passes through a blue silicon computer chip

Ruggedized for

Durable construction ensures sensors perform reliably in challenging environments.

A computer chip is integrated into a larger technology solution on a printed circuit board

Integrable Chip-Scale Technology

Advanced sensors fit seamlessly into various systems for optimal performance.

A scientist leans over an optical table while doing research on quantum information systems

Innovate with Us at Mesa Quantum

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Join our team and be part of a journey that’s shaping the future. Explore our current job opportunities at LinkedIn or email us at and apply today to join Mesa Quantum. Let’s build the future together!

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